July 23, 2014 2:33 pm
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Why consumers are suddenly adding butter to their coffee


WATCH ABOVE: Would you ever put butter in your coffee? That’s a new trend. It’s supposed to taste good, cut cravings, and boost energy and brain power. Advocates say it’s all about the kind of fat in the drink. But is that too good to be true?

It’s slathered on toast and melted on a baked potato, but now butter is enhancing the way you drink coffee. Forget sugar and milk in your morning brew – the newest trend is adding butter and coconut oil.

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Some consumers swear by it and dietitians suggest it helps with suppressing appetite and boosting energy.

“People are feeling more energy, increased brain power, less cravings, weight’s coming off that they had trouble losing. I think it’s all because of the healthy fat in the butter,” Cassie Bjork, a registered dietitian and blogger at healthysimplelife.com, said.

“It’s not that much different than having coffee with cream in it,” she said.

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The recipe for the beverage – dubbed “Bulletproof” coffee – is pretty straightforward: two cups of hot coffee, two tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and two tablespoons of MCT oil, which is naturally found in coconut oil.

Fans of the coffee suggest that the fat in grass-fed butter and the dose of healthy oils help with regulating cholesterol, burning fat and keeping you alert.

But doctors are skeptical about the trend. For starters, a cup clocks in at 440 calories and 51 grams of fat.

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“It could be positive if you’re trading a cup of coffee with two ounces of butter in it for two buttered croissants with a cup of coffee with cream and sugar,” Dr. Kannan Mutharasan, a cardiologist with Northwestern University, said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone,” he said.


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