Everyday Hero: Cyndi Desjardins

Everyday Hero: Cyndi Desjardins - image

Six months ago, Cyndi Desjardins’s life changed forever.

She was on maternity leave with her son Liam, when she woke with a fever and a sharp pain in her right thigh.

“I started vomiting and the vomiting got very aggressive,” Desjardins recalls.

After 48 hours of pain, she called 9-1-1 and was rushed to hospital. Doctors said she had flesh eating disease and had only hours to live.

They induced her into a coma. Five weeks later, she woke up, alive but facing a new reality.

“(My husband) said I had been very, very ill and they had to amputate my arms and legs,” she said. “All I could think of was my children.”

Since the surgery last March, Desjardins spend eight weeks in hospital and two and a half months in a rehab centre. She had to learn how to walk again, how to dress herself and how to care for her young children.

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And she’s been sharing her journey with others by blogging about the road back.

“Every step I take for my daughter or my son, whether its feeding them, helping them, something a mom would do every day I just feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and joy, because I can do it now,” she said. “Every time I get an email from someone who was inspired by the blog, I’m inspired, to push myself even further.”

Check out Desjardins’s blog here.

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