Montreal’s ‘Mabus’ faces 16 charges for online threats

The Montreal man who had been wanted by police for allegedly making online death threats against people all over the world appeared in court on Friday to face 16 charges.

Known online as “David Mabus”, Dennis Markuze of St. Laurent has been charged with uttering death threats and for criminally harassing seven victims.

Two charges were laid against him Wednesday — and an additional 14 were added on Friday.

Markuze has been sent for a 30-day psychological evaluation at Montreal’s Pinel Institute and will appear in court again on Sept. 19.

Montreal police announced Wednesday that they had arrested a man in connection with the case.

Officials did not initially reveal the suspect’s name but it had been widely believed by alleged victims that Markuze was the culprit.

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The arrest came roughly one week after 5,000 people signed a petition demanding an investigation into the threats.
Police began investigating the online activity of a Montreal man following the onslaught of complaints.
The suspect allegedly created accounts on Twitter and other online message boards.

From these accounts he reportedly sent insults and threats, specifically targeting atheists, scientists and journalists.

Messages often involved expletives and indicated people would be executed.

He also reportedly told online users they would be subjected to the judgement of God.


With files from Global Montreal reporter Lisa Fiset.