WATCH: Weird Al wraps in ‘Royals’ parody ‘Foil’

Weird Al Yankovic in a scene from "Foil.". YouTube

TORONTO — Another day, another Weird Al parody video.

On Wednesday, Weird Al Yankovic took the wraps off the third video for a song on his new album, Mandatory Fun.

In “Foil” — a spoof of Lorde’s ubiquitous “Royals” — Yankovic plays a TV cooking show host obsessed with keeping food fresh.

“I never seem to finish all my food / I always get a doggie bag from the waiter / So I just keep what’s still unchewed / And I take it home, save it for later,” he sings at the beginning of the song.

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The video follows Tuesday’s “Blurred Lines” parody, “Word Crimes”, and Monday’s “”Happy” spoof, “Tacky.”

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“Foil” is likely the only song this summer to include the phrases “fungal rot” and “probe your butt.”

BELOW: Watch the video for “Foil.”

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