Western Canada’s largest clean energy project officially launched

It was a big day today in Vulcan County.

It was the official launch of Western Canada’s largest investments in clean energy. The Blackspring Ridge Wind Project is designed to provide electricity to 140,000 Albertan homes.

Enbridge, in partnership with EDF EN Canada, has invested more than half a billion dollars in the project, which has been seven years in the making.

“It’s all part of the strategy to build towards an energy future with a higher mix of greenhouse gas free generating sources,” said Richard Bird CFO of Enbridge.

The wind turbines are located in Vulcan county, taking up 48 thousand acres of land. The Reeve of the county, Derrick Annable, said the project will help the community.

“This is a big project as far as generating tax revenue, bring some money into us. But the spin off for the communities is huge too.”

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The Alberta Government has also invested 10 million dollars in funding to the project through the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation.

Minister Diana McQueen says the province is always in strong support of alternative sources of energy.

“The demand for energy comes from the choices we all make and fortunately Alberta’s strong regulations, position us to meet the demand while maintaining a sustainable environment and strong communities,” McQueen said.

Renewable Energy Credits generated from the project will be contracted to Pacific Gas and Energy and sold into the Alberta power pool.

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