WATCH: Officials remove suspected caiman from High Park water

Watch above: Police remove a caiman from Catfish pond in High Park. 

TORONTO – A caiman – a genetic relative to an alligator – was rescued from the waters near High Park Monday afternoon.

Police and wildlife officials headed for the water late Monday afternoon to try to find and extract the exotic reptile.

The animals was captured after an hour long search and will be handed over to wildlife officials who will determine where the reptile goes next. City officials tell Global News the caiman could wind up in a zoo.

Officials say the caiman’s likely a pet that was either released or escaped.

Teghan Stadnyk told she saw the caiman on Sunday afternoon.

“Me and my friend were just hanging out and he saw something and was like ‘Oh my gosh, is that a crocodile,'” she said.

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The reptiles are native to south America and can grow up to 4.5 metres long.

Residents of Toronto are prohibited from owning a caiman under a city bylaw.

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