Tornadoes in south-central Saskatchewan destroy farm, cemetery

Watch the video above: Tornadoes destroy farm, cemetery

SASKATOON – Environment Canada has confirmed at least two tornadoes tore through south-central Saskatchewan on Saturday.

The twisters caused damage to parts of Outlook and Kenaston.

One of the tornadoes left a path of destruction at the cemetery in Kenaston, Sask. Trees were uprooted and many were snapped in half and flung across gravestones.

More than 40 tombstones were knocked over and some of the oldest tombstones – from over a century ago – were completely destroyed.

Barry Firby came to check on his wife’s gravestone. Fortunately, it was not touched by the twister.

“It was quite a narrow path actually, but it was very destructive,” he explained.

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“Once in a while when you see a disaster like this, it just makes you realize how powerful nature is.”

Gerard Zdunich, who also lives in the area, was watching the twister yesterday. He said he phoned his neighbours to warn them they may be in its path.

“We did see the tornado coming from the west. It was coming towards our farm,” said Zdunich.

A farm near Outlook was completely destroyed by the other tornado.

The farm’s owner, Ray Derdall, was pinned under a wall while his son took cover under machinery and surprisingly, both came out unscathed.

“Just about everything in the yard is toast, the shop’s toast, there’s machinery in the backyard. It’s all toast. Pivot is tipped, wheel moves are gone and it even sucked the potatoes out of the ground,” Derdall explained.

“If it’s caused that much damage to a woodshop or the shed, winds were fairly significant,” explained meteorologist Mike McDonald, with Environment Canada.

“Typically we’re looking at 100 to 200 kilometre an hour wind speeds,” said McDonald.

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