Train derailment leaves residents near Yale worried about safety

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Residents of a small community in Dogwood Valley, near Yale on Highway One consider themselves lucky.

A freight train derailed four empty cars, early in the morning of July 4, according to a spokesperson from Canadian Pacific Rail.

And though the accident trapped at least a couple dozen people, impeding them from accessing the road main, they say they are thankful the trains weren’t carrying dangerous chemicals. CP confirms there were no injuries and no public safety issues in the incident.

Local residents, including a representative from the Fraser Valley Regional District have lobbied for better maintenance on the rail line in the past, as they say they’ve been concerned about the state of the crossings for some time now. One neighbour says she contacted CP Rail in January, citing problems with the track’s safety.

A representative from CP told Global News the company, “takes safety with the highest priority and every incident seriously.” They confirmed a full investigation is underway and the rail line is now operational again, after all safety inspections and repairs were made.

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Residents report up to 30 trains pass the small community daily. They say they are now more determined than ever to put the pressure on CP Rail to increase maintenance on the line.

–With files from Julia Foy.



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