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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 26

Great Western is hoping everyone gets gingerfyed with its ginger lager.

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On today’s Morning News, Jessica finds out what’s happening at the YMCA this summer and meets Lucy, a friendly dog up for adoption at Saskatoon SPCA, Kevin finds out how an organization is hoping to get everyone wearing helmets when riding ATVs and finds out why Boston is the place to visit while Melissa gets a taste of a new ginger lager.

Lucy up for adoption at Saskatoon SPCA

Oh my goodness, I love Lucy. I’m not sure who doesn’t.

She is such a sweetheart, and there is a lot of her to love… 150 pounds to be exact!

Lucy is six-years-old and is an owner surrender. She’s not overly active as you will be able to tell in the segment, but does enjoy a good walk.

Lindsay Royale said she is a family dog and gets along great with children and cats (bonus)!

Visiting historic places in the United States

Boston! I mean, really? Boston?

Our own Joel Senick went to school there and utterly swears by Boston, but I needed a bit more convincing than him and Nicolas Cage in National Treasure (there’s a throwback reference for you!)

Enter Barb: now, it’s on my list of places to see!

Embracing ginger in a lager

This was the first time I tried a ginger beer and I was pleasantly surprised on how flavorful it was! I’m not the biggest lager fan but the ginger lager has more kick to it which is what I normally look for in a beer.

Meeting Viv today was a lot of fun. He gave me a brief history lesson while describing the difference between a regular lager and a ginger lager.

Today GW will be at the PotashCorp stage at the Jazz Festival helping people embrace their inner ginger by gingerfying them.

I have to say I don’t mind my ginger look one bit!

Saskatoon YMCA summer programs

The sound of these programs take me right back to my childhood. They sound like classic summer camps for kids.

Singing campfire songs, playing games, staying active with activities… and minimal technology, sounds perfect to me!

They allow kids the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature and interact with other real life people who aren’t on a screen.

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Preventing ATV head injuries by wearing helmets

When I was younger (and dumber) I went dirt biking with a friend of mine. He owned a farm, so I was just jetting between the fields on this thing, on poorly-maintained dirt trails.

I end up between two fields, and they’re divided by forests, by the by, when the dirt bike stalls out. I am kicking for my life and I can’t start it.

My friend comes by and starts it no problem, then carries by on his merry way. Now’s a good time to mention that I was wearing a helmet. Now is also a good time to mention the strap on the helmet was too blasted to properly fit around my chin.

The bike starts, then goes straight into a divot. Then goes straight into the bush. I’m still on the accelerator.

I wake up a couple hours later, as it turns out, to my friend’s dog licking my face. The helmet, likely ripped off by a tree branch due to its ill fitting, is back by the dirt bike, which is a good ten feet from where I am.

My head’s on a rock, and one side of my face is cut up from the bramble.

Wear your helmet.  And make damn sure you have the straps done properly.

Jessica and Kevin preview Thursday’s Morning News

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