WATCH: Shocking commercial shows dangers of speeding

ABOVE: Watch the ‘Classroom’ ad by Northern Irish Road Safety. Warning: Graphic content. May disturb some viewers.

You may never speed again after watching this shocking ad from Northern Irish Road Safety.

Its purpose is to educate people of the dangers of speeding.

The minute-long commercial depicts a car rolling over a group of children who are on a school picnic as an acoustic rendition of the classic Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” plays.

According to the ad, which has been banned from airing before 9 p.m. on Irish television, 28 children have been killed as a result of speeding on Northern Irish roads since 2000.

People have been reacting to the ad on social media.

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Some support the ad for its message…

While others have spoken out against it.

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