Saskatoon limousine company gets green light for strippers

Watch the video above: Limo company gets green light to allow strippers

SASKATOON – A local limousine service says it has been given the green light by the City of Saskatoon to have adult entertainment on board.

While there are few details at this point, the company says this is a step in the right direction to help cater to what clients want.

For the last year, Living Skies Limousine says it has gone back and forth with the city on whether strippers would be allowed to entertain guests in its vehicles.

The city’s response was the venue would need a fixed address, despite other municipalities including Regina giving the company the okay.

“If we had a stripper on or within one of our limos, we could go outside the limits of Saskatoon, so say to Martensville, cruise around Martensville for an hour with a stripper on the bus and come back to Saskatoon when we’re done,” said Eric Beck, manager and chauffeur at Living Skies Limousine.

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It’s something the company says it never did because it wanted to go the by book but kept questioning the city on the bylaw. On June 9, the company received a letter of confirmation from an authority with the business license program.

“As long as it’s a third party organizing the stripping services that it would be alright,” said Beck.

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Already the company says it has two bookings in July that requested erotic entertainment, no matter the cost.

“It’s a different type of service that we can offer now so clients are going to be much happier,” added Beck.

While details from the city may be few at this point, don’t expect to see any activity from inside the limos. The company plans to implement its own rules including not driving through residential neighbourhoods.

“We’re going to obviously have our blinds down all the time, we’re going to have a curtain in front of our door that way, if there’s any chance that people can see into the limo like children or people that are under age that they will not be able to see exactly what’s going on inside,” said Beck.

All performers will be required to have a valid City of Saskatoon adult service license and if they are employed by an agency, the agency will need to have one as well.

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