June 20, 2014 12:49 pm

BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 20

Misterfire performs "Darling, This is War" on the Morning News.

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On Friday’s Morning News, Jessica sits down with Jonathan Walker, who walked from Hope, B.C. to Saskatoon for a school in Kenya and had a chance to meet Misterfire, a local band playing at the SaskTel Jazz Festival while Kevin spoke with Katherine Power from Sodexo about its LGBT workplace diversity survey.

Running, biking and walking for African school

$115,000. It’s a lofty goal, but one I believe is achievable. Jonathan had planned to run from Hope, B.C. to Saskatoon for the Great Hope learn once centre in Nairobi, Kenya, but because of knee injuries in Alberta, he ended up cycling into Saskatoon at 4:30 a.m. on a windy and rainy Wednesday morning.

Still admirable, don’t you think? Take a look at the interview to hear more about his initiative and if you feel like you want to donate to this cause!

LGBT diversity in the workplace

I’m very happy to hear the results of this.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the stigma surrounding the ‘outing’ of an LGBT individual; that it has to be some giant hullabaloo of an event.

Here in Canada, the message I’m getting from this survey is, “no, it’s completely normal and not a big deal.” I’m happy with a little normalcy.

Misterfire performs ‘Darling, This is War’

This band was a riot!!

I tweeted out earlier this morning that we’ve never had a band this loud in studio, and the truth is we haven’t! They are a rock, folk, jazz … everything bad that has a really unique sound.

When they play they play hard and have fun, and that is what I admire about them- you can see he passion in their performance.

Make sure to check them out next week at the Jazz Festival!!

Jessica and Kevin preview Monday’s Morning News

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