WATCH: Justin Trudeau says if he becomes PM, Northern Gateway Pipeline will not happen

VANCOUVER – Speaking in Ottawa on Tuesday, Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau said if he wins the honour of serving as Prime Minister, “the Northern Gateway Pipeline will not happen.”

“I am disappointed with the decision of the Harper government,” said Trudeau. “The Northern Gateway Pipeline threatens not only the British Columbia coastal economy but the jobs of thousands of people who live on the ocean.”

The federal government announced on Tuesday that they have accepted the independent panel’s recommendation to impose 209 conditions on the Northern Gateway proposal.

The 1,177-kilometre, $6.5 billion project would transport 525,000 barrels per day of oil products from outside Edmonton to Kitimat on the northern B.C. coast.

Trudeau said it is not a place for a pipeline.

“This current government has been nothing but a cheerleader for this pipeline from the very beginning when Canadians needed a referee and I will not be approving this pipeline,” added Trudeau.

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Speaking on BC1 with Jill Krop, Trudeau said “I think that Enbridge and the Harper government have completely botched the process on this and I don’t know that there’s any way, actually, I’m fairly certain that this pipeline isn’t going to end up happening just because if I have the honour of becoming Prime Minister I certainly won’t let it happen. It’s too clear that British Columbians have too many concerns about the impact of this pipeline on their economy. First Nations organizations and communities are feeling too left out and used in this process. It’s not the kind of approach that actually leads to a stronger economy or a stronger country.”

WATCH: Trudeau on BC1:

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