5 things you didn’t know about: Victoria Duffield

Watch Richard Dagenais’ interview with Victoria Duffield about her new album “Accelerate”. 

MONTREAL – A dancer, singer and actor, this multi-talented British Columbia native and teen sensation is an artistic powerhouse.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about Canada’s sweetheart Victoria Duffield.

1. She really loves movie theatre popcorn

Really loves it!

So much so that she will walk into a theatre, get the popcorn and walk away. Who needs to watch a movie anyways?

She also indulges in cinnamon buns and yogurt ice cream… “My favourite flavour is cake batter!”

Taken from Duffield’s Instagram.

2. Her favourite Montreal moment: performing at the Bell Centre

“My Montreal fans are phenomenal and their support is always unbelievably awesome,” she said.

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“This show in particular had amazing energy and love from the crowd!”

Get to know you: a glimpse of Duffield’s answers.

3. Her hidden talent is walking on her hands

“And for a very long time,” added her enthusiastic mother Charlene Duffield, who Victoria calls her “best travel buddy.”

Watch Victoria show off her talent:

4. Cats and pigeons make her nervous

“They’re so unpredictable!” explained the pop star with a wide-eyed expression.

Cats aren’t Victoria Duffield’s best friends.

5. She collects socks

She’s got about a hundred pairs of them, all in different and fun patterns.

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“She’s the Imelda Marcos of socks,” said her Warner Music label rep Donald Robins.

Victoria Duffield at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards. When not decked out in spectacular footwear, she can be seen wearing her favourite teddy bear socks.