2014 could be a record-breaking year for wasps

VANCOUVER – Some bad news for everyone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors over the summer.

Experts are predicting this will be a very bad year for wasps, possibly even worse than last year, which was a record year for the painful pests.

The reason is the hot, dry spring we are enjoying, which makes for bigger colonies and more wasps.

“Having that awesome season last year means that we’re probably going to have a really bad, or good, for the wasp season this year,” said Michael Londry from West Side Pest Control.

“During dry weather you’re just going to see the nest go from to a golf ball or a baseball over a day and then to a volleyball over a long weekend. So you’ll want to just be aware that when you’re barbecuing and hanging out with your glass of wine on the back deck that you might have some visitors.”

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– With files from Darlene Heidemann

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