Saskatoon man fined for leaving ice-fishing shack on Blackstrap Lake

Saskatoon man fined $2,800 after abandoning his ice fishing shack on Blackstrap Lake. Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment / Supplied

SASKATOON – A Saskatoon man has been fined in provincial court for abandoning his ice-fishing shack on Blackstrap Lake this past winter.

It started in March when conservation officers found an abandoned shack on the ice-covered lake south of Saskatoon.

The unmarked shelter had not been removed by the March 15 deadline.

Using a considerable amount of the garbage left behind in the shack, investigators were able to identify Doug Leard, 47, as the owner.

He was charged with one count under Saskatchewan’s Fisheries Regulations and one under The Litter Control Act.

Leard was found guilty and fined $1,400 for each charge.

On average, five to six ice-fishing shacks are abandoned in the Saskatoon area each year, creating cleanup and potential environmental problems for the province.

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“Blackstrap Lake is used by a wide variety of recreational users and it’s important for people to comply with our regulations to preserve the natural integrity of this area,” said Ken Aube, Saskatoon’s minister of environment compliance and enforcement director.

The Saskatchewan environment ministry is reminding owners to have their name, address and phone number written on the outside of ice-fishing shacks.

If anyone suspects environmental violations, call the local ministry of environment office or Turn In Poachers at 1-800-667-7561.

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