Alberta PC leadership candidates officially introduced

Alberta PC leadership candidates
The Alberta PC Leadership candidates: Thomas Lukaszuk, Jim Prentice, and Ric McIver, on May 24, 2014. Global News

EDMONTON – The three men running to be leader of Alberta’s PC party will be officially introduced at a party event on Monday, following the close of nominations on May 30.

On Friday, former Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk officially filed the necessary paperwork to join the Tory leadership race, and then joined his competitors in Calgary to discuss policy on Saturday.

Lukaszuk, Ric McIver and Jim Prentice were at SAIT for a forum where each laid out plans for the province’s future. They also took policy questions on issues ranging from energy to education.

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A new poll by Think HQ Public Affairs Inc. shows Prentice already has a commanding lead in the race.

The poll shows Prentice as the frontrunner to become Alberta’s next premier among PC voters, with 49 per cent support.

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Calgary-Hays MLA Ric McIver is at 18 per cent, while Edmonton MLA Lukaszuk has four per cent, according to the poll.

Looking specifically at respondents from the Edmonton area, all of the candidates had more respondents disapproving of them than approving.

Lukaszuk has the highest disapproval rating at 45 per cent, according to the poll.

The PC party will select a new leader in September.