Architect Paul Raff to create 1.6 km art fence in Toronto’s Don Valley

Award-winning artist and architect Paul Raff will help transform a 1.6-km stretch of Toronto’s Don Valley. Heather Loney, Global News

TORONTO – An award-winning artist and architect will help transform a 1.6-km stretch of Toronto’s Don Valley.

City officials announced Thursday that Toronto-based Paul Raff will create an integrated artwork for a fence in the lower Don Valley as part of a larger project to improve a 4.7 km section of the lower Don Trail.

The trail will become part of the Pan Am Path – an 82-km multi-use cycling and pedestrian path that will wind through the city, from Brampton to Scarborough.

Raff was selected through a national competition by a panel of local artists, professors, landscape architects and residents.

The art fence will replace an existing fence from the Riverdale Park bridge to Corktown Common in the West Don Lands.

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Raff’s work can currently be seen in Toronto’s Underpass Park – a 2.5-acre park built under a once-derelict space under the Eastern Avenue and Adelaide overpasses.

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Raff’s artwork “Mirage” – a series of mirrors installed under the overpass – is meant to use light and reflection to draw people into the park.

Toronto city councillor Pam McConnell praised Raff’s selection, saying his work at Underpass Park has already become a “treasured part” of the community.

The design on the Don Valley art fence is expected to completed by the end of the summer with construction starting in the fall.

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