Race for mayor doesn’t start until Rob Ford gets back, Doug says

TORONTO – Doug Ford doesn’t know why a Muskoka woman was pulled over and charged with impaired driving while in his brother’s Cadillac Escalade – but he’s not surprised because Rob is “the type of guy who’d give the shirt off his back.”

Councillor Ford told reporters about the mayor’s generosity before going into an executive committee meeting at city hall Tuesday afternoon.

The mayor’s black Escalade was impounded in Muskoka last Tuesday after Lee Anne McRobb, 36, was arrested and charged with impaired driving. She was questioned by a local radio reporter on Wednesday when she went to get some items from the car at the impound lot and refused to say why she was driving the mayor’s car.

Doug Ford too is at a loss as to why she was driving the car or why the license plates weren’t on the car when it was spotted at the impound lot.

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In Depth: Rob Ford

“Those plates better be on the car or someone’s taken or stolen them – which is illegal by the way,” he told reporters at city hall but added he’ll find out later today when the car is picked up.

Watch video above: When Rob Ford comes back, will he still be a contender for mayor? Sean Mallen reports. 

The mayor’s been in a Muskoka-area rehab clinic for close to three weeks now since taking a leave of absence from his duties as mayor on May 1.

Councillor Ford said his brother’s doing well in rehab, has lost some weight and “looks like a champion.”

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Despite the turmoil however, councillor Ford said Tuesday his brother is ready to re-enter the mayor’s race – but not before he spends at least another month in rehab.

“[The race] starts when he gets back,” Ford said.

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