NASA releases ‘Global Selfie’ containing more than 36,000 photos

The 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic, hosted by GigaPan, was made with 36,422 individual images that were posted to social media sites on or around Earth Day, April 22, 2014. NASA

On Earth Day, NASA asked people around the world, “Where are you on Earth right now?” inviting people to submit selfies. The goal? To create a world mosaic where each person would be one pixel.

On Thursday, NASA released the completed mosaic, entitled “Global Selfie.”

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The image was built using 36,422 images that were posted on social media and tagged #globalselfie on or around April 22, 2014. The photos from people from every continent — 113 countries and regions.

NASA released an ultra hi-res 3.2-gigapixel image that people can use to zoom in and find themselves.

To view the image, hosted by GigaPan, click here.

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