Ontario election EXCLUSIVE: Working Families coalition wades into the fray

Watch above: The Working Families coalition releases an ad aimed squarely at Tim Hudak. 

Day one of the advertising war in the election campaign, and a vocal PC opponent is about to open up the big guns.

Obtained exclusively by Global News, a new advertisement by the Working Families Coalition paints PC Leader Tim Hudak as untrustworthy and “misleading voters again.”

The union funded organization will release the ad on Thursday.

Tim Hudak has long pledged to end advertising by third party organizations, claiming the money spent by union donors creates an unbalanced playing field.   Political parties are strictly limited in what they can spend on advertising during an election, but third parties are currently beyond the scope of that law.

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In 2011, an ad by the Working Families Coalition showed a Tim Hudak lookalike being given instructions by corporate big bosses, implying the PC leader was in the pocket of business interests.   When the Tories lost that election, the party pointed a finger squarely at the coalition suggesting they were a Liberal front and sued the coalition as a result. The lawsuit was dismissed by a panel of judges in June, 2012.

Recently during a speech in Ottawa, Hudak specifically called out Pat Dillon, the head of the coalition, to say Dillon’s time at the “trough” was about to come to an end.   Just the mere mention of Mr Dillon’s name was enough to prompt shouts of ‘shame’ from the Tory faithful on hand.

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It’s unknown how significant an advertising budget the Working Families Coalition has for the 2014 campaign, but you can be sure Tim Hudak and his campaign team are bracing for the beginning of what will likely be an onslaught of attack ads.

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