BCCLA takes assisted suicide fight to the Supreme Court

Gloria Taylor's mother Anne Fomenoff.
Gloria Taylor's mother Anne Fomenoff. Sergio Magro, Global News

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is getting ready to take its fight to the Supreme Court of Canada over the issue of assisted suicide.

It launched its Death with Dignity lawsuit in the name of Gloria Taylor, a B.C. woman with ALS.

Although she became the first Canadian to win the right to physician assisted suicide, she died before she could use it.

Her family members and others have continued the fight to have assisted suicide legalized in this country.

“[My daughter] did not want to die inch by inch. She did not want to suffer trapped in her own body,” said Gloria’s mother Anne Fomenoff. “I am very grateful I was able to spend 64 years with my daughter. And that she did not have to suffer when she died. I feel at peace.”

But, Fomenoff says it is time to change the law.

Canada’s ban on assisted suicide has been upheld in British Columbia’s Court of Appeal in October of last year.

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But just months later, the Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an appeal in the case.