Mom’s Facebook video of bullied children goes viral

TORONTO – A mother’s video of her children describing being bullied by students, verbally and physically, has gone viral after the Minnesota woman posted the clip onto Facebook.

Sarah Cymbaluk said that since last December, she has been trying to get school officials to take action after her 9-year-old Anna said she was the victim of bullying. 

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Cymbaluk posted her children’s heartbreaking account of being bullied in hopes of getting school leaders to intervene and take action against those who tyrannized her daughter and son.

“Tell me how it makes you feel” Sarah asked her daughter. “It makes me feel sad and scared,” the young girl replied.

According to the mother, the school’s actions have been dismissive until she posted the video over a week ago. The video quickly went viral and to date has more than 20,000 page views.

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“Can you tell me how many times you’ve been in and told the principal about it?” her mother asked. 

“Like five,” replied Anna.

“And what have they done about it?”

“Nothing,” said Anna.

Anna’s 7-year-old brother Benjamin also appears in the video and said bullies told him he would die by suicide. 

According to WDAZ, the Cymbaluks’ met with the superintendent, assistant principal and a school board member Thursday after the video garnered attention on social media. 

The family said that the meeting did not go well and allege one of the first things the officials said was, “What are you going to do to make us look good.”

The school’s superintendent, however, said he hadn’t been informed about the bullying until the video was posted.

“Anna should feel safe,” said Mark Nohner in an interview. “She should be able to be on the bus and transport back and forth safe that’s our short term goal.”

The Cymbaluk family said they have started the “Orange You Glad You Aren’t A Bully?” campaign  to support bullied children across the country. The family is encouraging people to wear orange — Anna’s favourite colour — on her 9th birthday on May 13.

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