Ontario couple hope to build animal sanctuary for Esther ‘the wonder pig’

WATCH ABOVE: A Georgetown couple have adopted a pig they’ve name Esther the wonder pig. The family is now looking to open an animal sanctuary for her and animals like her. Laura Zilke reports.

TORONTO – For Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter the thought of feeding or caring for a pig had never crossed their minds.

Then the couple from Georgetown, who are already animal lovers (they have two dogs, two cats, fish and rabbits) heard about the chance to help a pig in need.

After adopting a small three pound “micro-pig” from an old acquaintance two years ago, the small addition to the family has grown into a full-sized sow that occupies the living room of their home just outside the GTA.

“We were told she was six months old and we were told she would be 70 pounds when she was full grown,” said Jenkins.

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Through an Indiegogo campaign they are hoping to raise enough money buy a farm sanctuay in honour of their 500-pound pig Esther.

According to their website, Jenkins and Walter, who are in their early thirties, say Esther has been completely life changing, opening their eyes to the plight of neglected farm animals. The couple, who have stopped eating meat and dairy, hope to open a pig sanctuary in Campbellville, Ont.

The story of Esther “the wonder pig” has brought worldwide attention from animal activists and made Esther an online sensation who has her own Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“It’s the connection that she’s allowing people to have without any words just photos- people just, its the striking image of her in the house, that’s not something you see,” said Walter.

The couple are hoping to raise $400,000 through crowd funding to help with the down payment on a farm that will be used as a sanctuary exclusively for abandoned or neglected pigs. So far they have raised almost $90,000.

Vets have told Jenkins and Walter they’re not entirely sure if Esther fully grown yet [en dash] in fact they say she seems to go through a growth spurt every few months.
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Through “Esther The Wonder Pig’s Farm Sanctuary” Jenkins and Walter hope to “break down barriers and level the playing field between our companion animals, and those we see as products.”