WATCH: Rob Ford once again subject of late night wisecracks

TORONTO — Mayor Rob Ford’s latest scandals and his decision to seek treatment for substance abuse put him back in the crosshairs of late night TV hosts on Thursday.

“It’s a tough day for our pal, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,” Jimmy Fallon said at the top of his Tonight Show monologue.

“He announced that he is checking into rehab. He said he entered rehab this week to deal with the problem swiftly and also ‘cuz Monday is Cinco de Mayo and he ain’t missing that.”

Fallon referred to the new video that allegedly shows Ford smoking crack in the basement of his sister’s house. “We have to say ‘allegedly’ because he doesn’t really know who’s basement it was,” Fallon joked. “It could be under a Tim Horton’s, I don’t know…”

The host said he’s glad Ford is getting help and then offered several one-liners to cheer up the mayor.

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“You can tell Rob Ford is turning things around because now when he’s holding a pipe in the basement it’s because he’s fixing a leak,” said Fallon. “Now the only crack in his pocket is on his iPhone.”

The Tonight Show monologue also featured a dancing panda waving a Canadian flag.

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On the Late Show, David Letterman also cracked wise about the new Ford video. “Is there a videotape out there of him not smoking crack? That’s all the guy is doing,” joked Letterman.

The host poked fun at reports that the latest video was shot by a drug dealer. “If you can’t trust your drug dealer, who can you trust?”

Letterman couldn’t resist taking a shot at Ford’s weight.

“He admitted that he did have a substance abuse problem,” he said. “What are we talking about here? Booze? Are we talking about crack? Are we talking about pie? Cookies? Brownies? Cupcakes? Pudding? What is the substance?”

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live — where Ford was a guest earlier this year — the host wondered why the mayor keeps getting caught in the act.

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“The guy’s constantly being taped [but] never seems to notice the cameras,” Kimmel noted in his monologue. “Is that a side effect of crack?”

Kimmel said he hopes rehab will help Ford. “We talk about him so much I almost feel like he works here,” he said. “For us, this is an HR issue.”

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On The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart devoted five minutes to the latest Ford developments.

Stewart said it wasn’t “really surprising” to learn of another video showing Ford allegedly smoking crack — which made him question why a drug dealer was asking so much for the video.

“Six figures for a video of the crack mayor smoking crack? Kind of surprised to have to say this to a drug dealer but let me try to explain supply and demand,” Stewart joked.

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At the end of the segment, Stewart said: “All joking aside, I think it’s good [Ford’s] taking the time to get the help he so clearly needs and, hopefully for Toronto, they’ll have a chance to have a more competent mayor.”

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In his monologue, Conan O’Brien mentioned Ford was rehab-bound. “Of course, he’s earned it,” the comic said. “The guy’s been up since 2004.”

Seth Myers, host of Late Night, told his audience: “Rob Ford’s lawyers say he will take a leave of absence to seek help for substance abuse, though they didn’t say if the substance in question was crack or gravy.”

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The comedian also put a twist on a well known Amy Winehouse song when he joked this is the first time “someone has said they’re going to rehab and rehab said ‘no, no, no.'”

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At the Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson opened his monologue with the news of Ford going to rehab.

“Didn’t see that coming,” he said sarcastically.

“A sober mayor of Toronto? I’m getting out of late night just in time.”

Ferguson added: “Good for you Mr. Ford. Good luck.”

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