BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 29

Students from the Adventures in Technology program were in the studio during the Morning News to learn how technology is used in broadcasting. Joelle Tomlinson / Global News

On today’s Morning News: Wes Funk and Allan Kahler discuss their new books, more on the relay for life campaign, celebrating 100 years at Knox United Church, Saskatchewan Jazz Festival lineup finalized and the SABEX awards.

Wes Funk and Allan Kehler discuss their new books with Kevin

Wes Funk’s a pretty sweet writer. I mean, I’m not a guy who knows writing as well as he should – reading is one of my favourite things to do, but I get rather drowsy when I do, and what with being on the ‘morning show’ there aren’t many points in a day where I can pull it off.

But Dead Rock Stars kept me up at night, kept me thinking, kept me reading. I cannot wait to get my hands on Wes Side Story and check out his tale.

He’ll be joined by a renowned speaker in Allan Kahler this Thursday, whose book, Stepping out from the Shadows, focuses on understanding and recovering from addictions.

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All in all, one should head out Thursday at 7 to McNally-Robinson and have a visit with Wes and Allan!  It’s going to be a solid event.

An inspirational interview between Jessica and Aysha on the relay for life campaign

What a great event! Twelve hours of sticking it to cancer with inspirational stories from people who beat the disease and who are going through it!

Aysha seems to be turning the loss of her uncle into hope for so many others at the event. She is the Relay for Life chairperson and can relate on a personal level, which is what events like this are all about!!

Melissa headed to Knox United Church to learn more about the iconic landmark

Today I received quite the history lesson from Wendell at Knox United Church. The church has seen so many changes through the decades from location to structure repair.

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The organist who played for us this morning also has quite the history with the church as she has been playing that organ since she was 12.

Learning about the church’s heritage really helped paint a picture of what Saskatoon was like 100 years ago.

If you would like to get to know the historic landmark a little better the church is holding a open house Saturday. The birthday celebration, which includes a concert, happens this Friday and Saturday.

The lineup is set for the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

I remember my first visit. I had a friend visiting from Ontario, and we leaned on the stoneworks at the top of the narrow embankment leading down to the grassy knoll out back of the Bessborough.

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All we did was listen to the music. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

This year, it’s going to get even better – the concert lineup keeps getting better, year over year. That’s the sign of something that will continue to grow as the city grows around it.

The SABEX awards celebrates the best in Saskatchewan business

Recognizing those who wouldn’t normally recognize themselves is what the SABEX awards is all about. They’re coming up May 15 with a Great Gatsby theme – who wouldn’t want to attend that for the theme alone!!

Lynn and Jason wouldn’t disclose many details about the event or who is nominated as they want to “wow” attendees, which is completely understandable.

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Jessica and Kevin preview Wednesday’s Morning News

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