Arborist Krista Strating one of the top tree climbers in the world

Krista Strating has taken her love of climbing trees to the highest level.

The Hamilton woman not only works as a full-time arborist, she’s also one of the top competitive tree climbers in the world.

“I’m with trees all day, almost every day,” said Strating. “Five days a week, sometimes six. Eight to ten hour days.”

After winning the Provincial and North American Championships, the 29 year-old is now set to take on the best in the World in Wisconsin this summer.

There are five different events in the sport of tree climbing testing the climber’s speed and agility, with the Work Climb being Krista’s favourite.

“You have pre-determined bells throughout the tree and you have to start at the top and work down going from station to station and work your way down.”

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Her coach, Andrew Hordyk,┬ájust happens to be the Chair of the World Championships. He’s also her boss.

“There is some definite coaching that happens but it is not an everyday kind of thing,” said Hordyk. “It is amazing that there is a difference between men and women in the rankings because she could rank right up there with some of the best men in the world. It is exciting.”

All in a day’s work – and play – for Strating.

“I never thought it would be a job but then when I got offered it, I never really ever thought about it, I just thought it would be cool.”