$5.2M upgrade at Calgary Zoo to improve animal welfare, safety

CALGARY- The Calgary Zoo is stepping up their animal welfare and safety measures.

On Thursday, officials unveiled changes made to the TransAlta Rainforest building, in an attempt to set new industry standards. They have invested $5.2 million over the last three years to upgrade facilities including gates, fencing, mechanical systems and flooring. $350,000 of that directly benefited the Rainforest building.

“We are determined to raise the bar and provide exceptional care and safety for our animals, staff and guests,” explained curator Jamie Dorgan in a statement. “Achieving optimal animal welfare and safety in our exhibits is a complex mix, and [the] improvements made benefit both,”

The Rainforest building has seen the transformation of its aviary and boa enclosure to include new vegetation and better feeding set-ups, which encourage more interaction between the animals and their environment.

The gorilla area has also been upgraded, seeing the addition of sensors on all doors, among other improvements.


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