WATCH: SOS message scrawled in sand saves people stranded on island

Watch the video above: Several people are rescued after their boat capsized off the coast of Australia

TORONTO – Imagine you’re on an island and you turn around to see your boat drifting away from you. How do you let rescuers know where you are?

For several people of the coast of Queensland, Australia, they took to writing a giant SOS message on a sandbar — and it worked.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation five people were stranded on a rock after their boat broke anchor off an island of Queensland on Monday afternoon after the group stopped to eat some oysters.

Queensland water police discovered the party’s empty six-metre boat and searched for several hours, but found no one. A helicopter was dispatched to help find the boaters and that’s when they found the SOS written on Wigton Island

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“Fortunate part is we were probably in one of the most magical spots in the world to spend our ordeal,” said Craig Gilbert, one of the men rescued.

The boaters were stranded for 9 hours.

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