The Village of Nobleford has the lowest taxes in Alberta

The Village of Nobleford is home to the noble blade. It also has the lowest taxes in Alberta.

“We may be the lowest in Canada in all fairness,” said Nobleford Mayor Don McDowell. “People are shocked. I think they are expecting gravel streets. It’s a beautiful village and every street is paved.”

The village has doubled in size. Since 2006 the population has gone from 600 residents to just over 1300. Ashley Brilman, owner of the only hair salon in the village was worried about taking the risk to open a business and is now excited for the future.

“Business has gone up 80 per cent in the last year.”

According to Kirk Hofman, the village of Nobleford’s Chief Administrative Officer says over the past 7 years the village has managed to reduce property taxes, attracting young families back to their small town roots.

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“A lot of people I went to school with are moving back to Nobleford. Kids starting families and doing the same thing I did. Back where it’s comfortable.”

A single-family dwelling valued at $330,000 will be taxed a total of $1,000 this year, with $130 going to the village of Nobleford.

“10 years ago we were desperation and council said we had to do something. Money is important to everyone and if you are going to make a choice to live somewhere you are going to have to afford it and you better have something good for your dollar,” said Hofman.

In 2018 the village will celebrate its centennial and to give back to the community residents will be receiving free property taxes.

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