Thousands of dollars of musical equipment stolen from Vancouver practice facility

Over 19 guitars and plenty of other musical equipment has been stolen from a number of Vancouver punk bands.

“They used a crowbar and pushed through to force the door open,” said Billy Bones of Vicious Cycles, one of the bands who practiced in Gourmet Croissant, a practice facility in Vancouver.

“We lost at least 19 guitars, a few amplifiers, a lot of the gear we’ve been using over the years.”

Five bands in total lost equipment – The Vicious Cycles, The Jolts, Piggy, Greenback High and Les Spelles. They believe over $20,000 in guitars and gear was stolen.

“Some of them were gifts we were given by other musicians,” said Bones.

There’s a lot of these instruments that is more than the monetary value.”

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They’ve already been able to recover six of the guitars, but are asking for the public’s help.

The bands have posted a photo gallery with pictures of some of the equipment they lost, which you can view here. They’re also accepting donations to replace their guitars at

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