WATCH: West Vancouver Police officer confronts group of longboarders

West Vancouver Police say they are aware of concerns being expressed on social media after a video of a confrontation between an officer and a group of longboarders went viral.

The video, posted Sunday by Danny Carlson, shows two longboarders heading down a steep hill on Finch Hill Road last Wednesday, filmed from a camera mounted on the third longboarder.

In the video, the group rounds a corner where they are met by a West Vancouver Police undercover cruiser with its lights flashing. All of the longboarders fall to the ground in an apparent attempt to avoid the cruiser.

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The man in the video tells the officer: “It’s definitely the most dangerous thing I’ve been involved in.”

The unidentified officer responds “All I did was slam on my brakes, [inaudible] fricken’ longboarders.”

The man says “You twerked in front of our lane,” before being interrupted by the officer who says, “Our lane?! It’s illegal to ride a longboard down here, I am getting tired of dealing with you, you understand?”

The man replies, “Is that what you do the cyclists? You cut in front of them with your grill? I can’t believe you did that.”

The group was then ticketed. As of Monday afternoon, the video had been viewed 53,000 times.

West Vancouver Police said in a statement a review is underway:

“The interaction is under review to determine whether all WVPD Policies and Guidelines were properly followed and whether any further action is warranted. Subject to completion of that review, comment regarding the incident itself, or social media reaction to the incident will necessarily be limited.”

Global News has reached out to the individual who posted the video and is awaiting comment.

The video is now being investigated by B.C.’s Police Watchdog.

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