Saskatoon science students learn through hands-on experience

Watch above: students get first-hand experience in the sciences

SASKATOON – A group of Saskatoon students, who are inspired by science, are leaving the classroom and getting first-hand experience out in the field.

Science isn’t for everybody but an out-of-school experience is helping students understand the diversity and the impact it has on our everyday life.

Twenty-eight grade eight students are enrolled in Science Trek at Montgomery School. It’s a program designed for kids who are inspired by scientific phenomenon and the great outdoors.

Science Trek isn’t a program a student can just enroll in though, they have to be chosen.

“The ones we really look for are the ones who are really motivated to learn, they don’t have to be the typical science nerd,” said Susana Chan, a Science Trek teacher.

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The science-based program is in its eighth year and has an emphasis on female participation.

“For the science fields, I think that was one of the main ideas, is to promote careers in science for females and I think just have those role models in science that are females,” said Chan.

Saskatoon-based POS Bio-Sciences thought it would be a good fit to team up with the program.

The company has many different agricultural sciences going on and they proximate scientific analysis with the kids.

“If this had been any other group of typical grade eight students we may not have seen that same excitement and the same interest,” said Karen Letourneau, POS Bio-Sciences technical programs manager and lab manager.

“But these kids they’ve applied for this, I think Bryan, the teacher, says science all day, every day.”

For most of the students, Science Trek can be the introductory learning experience they need to help them find a possible future career in science.

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