François Blais wins Charlesbourg for the Liberals

Liberal MNA Francois Blais. Quebec Liberal Party website

François Blais has taken the riding of Charlesbourg for the Liberal party, defeating CAQ incumbent Denise Trudel.

Blais won with 42 per cent of the vote in early results; Trudel got 32.8 per cent.

PQ candidate and former journalist Dominique Payette came a distant third with 17.9 per cent of the vote. This is a blow to the PQ, as Marois had focused on Charlesbourg, holding rallies in the area in hopes of winning this swing riding.

Blais is dean of Laval University’s faculty of social sciences. This is the first time he has held political office.

Trudel is a former city councillor who was first elected to the Assemblée Nationale in 2012.

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