BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 4

Melissa was tempted by the tasty treats on display at Ag in the City. File / Global News

The CFCR membership drive, Ag in the City and Transgendered awareness week were featured on Friday’s Morning News.

Kevin is revved up about people volunteering at CFCR

When I was a little volunteer at Rogers Television at 16 years old, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. Now, largely thanks to the experiences I got to have at Rogers, I’m doing what I love and likely will for a long time to come.

CFCR is another such location where one can not only learn a new, valuable skill (never underestimate performance!) but you can connect to your community in a way you’ve never considered.

Absolutely worth checking out.

It was a tasty temptation for Melissa at Ag in the City

Ag in the City is a great way to show people exactly how vital agricultural is to our world. Saskatchewan products cover such a vast range from the grain for breads, lentils for soups or the steak for the barbeque.

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The event on Saturday will feature exhibitors with interactive displays, a children’s learning zone along with a main stage that will include a live cooking show and an opportunity to meet local farmers.

This morning I really enjoyed doing the DNA extraction. I didn’t realize just how quick it can be done! We were able to see my DNA within an hour. And here’s a neat fact! Did you know our DNA is 50 per cent similar to that of a banana?!

This is just one of the many things that can be learned at Lawson Mall Saturday during Ag in the City.

And if you would like to take a closer look at your DNA you can do so that the stage at 1:30pm.

Jai Richards opens up to Jessica about being transgendered

It was very interesting to learn about Saskatoon’s transgender community first hand.

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Jai Richards was born biologically female, but transitioned to male in 2011. He appreciates how far society has come when recognizing trans people, but says we still have a ways to go.

Like I said a very interesting interview, make sure to check it out for yourself!

Jessica and Kevin preview Monday’s Morning News

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