Health officials remind people to get vaccinated after measles outbreak

Ontario is toughening up vaccine requirements for students.
A patient gets a shot during a flu vaccine program in Calgary on Oct. 26, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

TORONTO – Ontario health officials say there a number of small measles outbreaks in the province and are calling on residents to get vaccinated.

Public Health Ontario says there have been 11 confirmed cases of measles in the province this year and they are being managed by local public health units.

Public health officials say measles is highly infectious and people can spread the disease before they are symptomatic.

They say people should ensure they are up to date with their measles vaccine, especially if they are travelling to places where the virus is circulating.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Arlene King says all of the current measles cases in Ontario are associated with travel to the Philippines, Thailand or Europe.

Measles causes high fever, cough, rash, runny nose and watery eyes, can be complicated by ear infections or pneumonia and causes death in one in about 3,000 cases.


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