Girl goalie says hockey game ‘got out of hand’ before RCMP called in

WATCH: Stonewall goalie Bianca Zak talks about Sunday’s minor hockey brawl that RCMP had to break up.

WINNIPEG – RCMP broke up a brawl at a minor hockey game in Stonewall, Man., on Sunday afternoon.

A referee was hit by a 14-year-old player and parents were fighting in the stands at the game between teams from Stonewall and Dog Creek First Nation, said RCMP, who were called just before 4:30 p.m.

The co-ed bantam hockey game was stopped when the fight broke out and approximately 100 people were removed from the arena by police, an RCMP news release said. Bantam players are 13 and 14 years old.

“There were lots of penalties being called, and I think in the heat of it all, it got out of hand,” Stonewall goalie Bianca Zak said Monday morning. “The ref was on the ground and people were beating on him.”

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There had been a lot of “chirping” during the championship game, Zak said.

“I think it was a big deal – we were playing for the banner – but I don’t think it should’ve got to that point,” she said. “It’s shocking to think we’re just out to have a hockey game and someone could’ve got hurt.”

The coach for the First Nations team tells Global News the game was “pathetic” and “out of hand”, “It was a one-sided game, the puck was in the Stonewall side all the penalties on our side,” said Darrel Swan.

Hockey Manitoba referee in chief Grant Heather said the incident may speed up the process of making the Respect in Sport program mandatory for parents in the organization.

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“This is just insane,” Heather said Monday morning.

The fight resulted in four match penalties, which means players were ejected from the game, Heather said. Normally across all levels of Hockey Manitoba play there would be a total of 13 match penalties in a season, he said.

“To have four in one incident – I’ve never seen this in all my life,” he said.

There will likely be a hearing into the incident where details of the fight will become clearer, Grant said.

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RCMP said no injuries were reported but they continue to investigate the fight.

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