‘You lie on a daily basis’: Doug Ford accuses Toronto media of bias

Watch the video above: Doug Ford accuses the media of bias after a St. Patrick’s Day brunch. 

TORONTO – Doug Ford had it out with reporters again Monday, writing the latest chapter in a long history of the Ford brothers’ feud with Toronto’s media.

The tense few moments happened immediately following a St. Patrick’s Day brunch at the Old Mill Inn as reporters tried to ask questions about a new video of Mayor Rob Ford, filmed Saturday night, shows him swearing outside city hall as he gets into a cab.

Councillor Ford didn’t answer questions about the video, choosing to say only the mayor kept his “political promises” and the “people will decide” on October 27.

He added that the video won’t interfere at all with his re-election.

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Doug engaged in a walking scrum during which he criticized the media and accused them of lying. He did not however cite an example of erroneous reporting.

“You guys lie through your teeth. The media lies through its teeth,” he said. “You lie on a daily basis. I could sit there and talk all day.”

“Why don’t you guys be honest, that you’re as biased as they come, you don’t like Rob Ford, the media can’t stand him, a lot of people love Rob Ford because he has the city booming,” he said. “Why don’t you guys be honest. Why don’t you look in the mirror, each and every one of you, you’re as biased as they come.”

In February, the Etobicoke councillor confronted Global News reporter Jackson Proskow, accusing him of being “biased” after asking questions about an ongoing police investigation involving his brother, Rob.

Reporters had been asking the councillor on Monday about the video allegedly fed Saturday night and the mayor’s repeated assertions that he had stopped drinking.

The mayor didn’t answer questions, instead wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day before leaving.


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