UPDATE: Police investigate cause of Delta RV fire

Delta police have found an injured woman who ran from a fire at a motorhome early Saturday morning.

A passing motorist saw the woman fleeing the motorhome, which is located in the 10200 block of River Road at a gas station.

According to the witness, she appeared to have severe burn injuries to her face. When she fled the scene, she was wearing pajama bottoms and a light-coloured tank top.

Officials conducted ground and air searches for the woman, who was located at around 5 p.m., according to Delta police. She received medical treatment for her injuries.

Two other people in the motorhome also suffered severe burn injuries and were taken to hospital. The two burn survivors are in critical but stable condition.

WATCH: Could the fire be linked to black market gasoline? 

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The investigation is in the early stages and the cause of the fire is still unknown, but wreckage found in the charred debris may provide some clues.

A burned metal cage found at the scene resembles one that had been used before to carry stolen gas to be sold on the black market in a different case.

Police would not confirm or deny this fire may have been linked to a case of gas theft.

With files from Darlene Heidemann

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