‘Frozen’ Niagara Falls is not so frozen; disappoints tourists

Above: Frozen Niagara Falls? Not so much. Dave McKinley reports.

TORONTO – Dozens of camera-toting tourists flocked to Niagara Falls Wednesday after seeing reports in the media and on social networks claiming the falls had frozen over — only to be disappointed.

Crowds gathered on the Canadian side of the border hoping to snap a few photos of a rare spectacle, a frozen Wonder of the World.

“Well, I just hopped in my car to go see if that was true,” a tourist told Buffalo’s WGRZ News.

But it wasn’t true — and you can blame tricky photography and the power of social media.

Several images have gone viral this week appearing to show the falls frozen stiff.

However, the images actually show an ice-crusted American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls, hiding the water flowing behind, giving the appearance of frozen falls. Around the corner on the Canadian side is the Horseshoe Falls, which continues to flow despite the rumours.

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“I’m kind of disappointed, but it’s still really pretty,” another tourist said.

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