Identical triplets begin battle to fight rare eye cancer

UPDATE: Thomas has recently undergone surgery. CLICK HERE for more details.

LETHBRIDGE – Thomas, Mason and Luke were born together. Now, they are fighting for their lives together.

Last fall, the Lows, originally from Cardston, Alberta, were overwhelmed and blessed when they discovered they had conceived triplets naturally.

“We went in for our ultrasound and it started taking a really long time. The doctor said ‘don’t worry, everything is OK,’ remembers mother Leslie Low. “After an hour and half the radiologist came in and told us we were having triplets, and that they were all boys.”

The family had recently moved to Edmonton, so dad Richard Low could pursue his medical degree.

A few months after the triplets were born, Richard noticed a strange change in Mason.

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“I noticed Mason had an odd pupil like a tear drop, I thought it was a little odd,” he says. “I thought about it and talked to my friend who is an eye doctor, and he told me to take a picture with the flash and look for red reflex, and there was no red reflex, it was white.”

The family brought Mason to see a retina specialist. He was diagnosed with a condition called Retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer that is most common in young children.

The doctor then asked the Lows to bring in Luke and Thomas. That’s when the couple received devastating news. All three suffered from the condition.

“It’s been really hard. With Mason I was able to take it,” says Leslie. “When we found out about the other two I broke down, but the only thing keeping me going is my faith and the support of friends and family.”

Thomas, Mason and Luke
Thomas, Mason and Luke . Global News
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While the Lows are relying on their faith to get through this difficult journey, they are in need of financial assistance. The family will be travelling to SickKids hospital in Toronto for treatments every two weeks.

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But even among the  uncertainty, worry and heartache, the Lows feel blessed

“They are wonderful  and as hard as it is there are just those moments of pure joy to have triplets and to watch our older son bond with them. It’s been special.”

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