Interactive maps: Toronto’s worst intersections for pedestrians

Interactive maps: Toronto’s worst intersections for pedestrians - image

Toronto’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians are largely in the suburbs, city data shows.

Of 1,337 Toronto intersections that see more than 500 pedestrians a day, Markham Rd., and Tuxedo Court, a few blocks south of the 401, was rated as the city’s most dangerous. The corner sees about two pedestrians badly hurt enough to show up in police statistics a year, despite having fewer than 700 pedestrians a day use the intersection. combined two numbers to come up with a dangerousness ranking: ten years worth of pedestrian accident statistics and pedestrian counts carried out by city officials at intersections over the last several years. This helps us look at pedestrian accidents in relation to foot traffic.

(Some downtown intersections had more accidents numerically, but a far larger number of pedestrians, creating a lower ratio.)

How do intersections near you fare? Check out the ratings for more than 1300 Toronto intersections under related links. Also under related links: reaction to this investigation.

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The map below shows Toronto’s worst 100 intersections for pedestrians, sized according to their accident ratio. Most seem to combine a dense population with high-volume suburban roads. There are several clusters:

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  • The Flemingdon Park area has three, on Overlea Blvd. and Don Mills Rd.
  • Steeles between McCowan and Birchmount Rd. has six.
  • The Junction has five between Keele and Annette and St. Clair and Silverthorn.
  • Albion Road between Islington and Martin Grove has four.
  • The Eglinton/Oakwood area has three.

Here are the worst 10:

  1. Markham Road and Tuxedo Court
  2. Albion Road and Finch Ave. W.
  3. Milliken Blvd. and Finch Ave. E.
  4. Neilson Rd. and Mclevin Ave.
  5. Alton Towers and McCowan Rd.
  6. Finch Ave. W. and Tobermory Dr.
  7. McCowan Rd and Eglinton Ave. E.
  8. Don Mills Rd. and Gateway Blvd.
  9. Finch Ave. E. and Sandhurst Circle
  10. Finch Ave. E. and Bridletowne Circle

Intersection safety ratings for pedestrians

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Pedestrian traffic levels


Toronto’s 100 worst intersections for pedestrians

Intersections with over 500 pedestrians a day with the highest rate of pedestrian accidents, 2000-09| Circles proportionate to accident rates

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