University of Saskatchewan students to get fall reading week

Most students at the University of Saskatchewan will get a fall reading week in November. File / Global News

SASKATOON – The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon has decided to give most of its students a fall reading week.

The November break will give students a breather before exams or a chance to catch up on assignments.

University registrar Russ Isinger says reading weeks during the fall semester are becoming more common at other universities.

Isinger says there’s just as much reason for a fall reading week as for the more traditional spring break.

“The pressures on students in terms of work and life are the same in those two terms,” he said.

“I think the reading week in February arose at a time when most classes ran from September to April and then most assignments were probably due in the second term.”

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The university’s students’ union had expressed a desire to have a break in the fall semester.

Students in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine and nursing won’t get the break.

Dentistry, medicine and veterinary studies follow a different calendar due to heavy course loads and clinical work.

The nursing faculty may switch over in the 2015-16 calendar year.

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