February 18, 2014 6:38 pm
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The Fords strike back at opponents in episode 2 of Ford Nation


WATCH: Fords take aim at councillors in latest episode of YouTube show

TORONTO – Rob Ford named the councillors he wants out of city hall and denied being homophobic in Episode Two of his YouTube show Ford Nation.

“Enough is enough. These people have gone out of their way to, I personally think, ruin Toronto, increase taxes, strip me of my powers. And, you know what? It’s time to put up or shut up. And I’ve had enough of it,” Ford said.

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“They wanted the war; they’re going to get the war.”

Ford named the 18 councillors who he wants “to see defeated” in the next election and promised to help any campaign that opposes them.

Those councillors include: Gord Perks, Janet Davis, Adam Vaughan, Joe Mihevc, Sara Doucette, Shelley Carroll, Glenn de Bearemaeker, Mike Layton, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Paul Ainslie, Josh Matlow, Mary Margaret McMahon, Chin Lee and Raymond Cho. All are left-leaning councillors or have simply voted against Ford in the past.

He added that Paula Fletcher, John Fillion, Maria Augimeri and Gloria Lindsay-Luby just want to “trash us.”

“All those people you just mentioned, plus many more, folks if you want to run an efficient government, if you want to run an efficient business, you can’t give us a bunch of yahoos down there that have never met a payroll in their life,” said Councillor Doug Ford, in an apparent reference to his work running his late father’s business, Deco Labels (Rob Ford has never run the business).

Mayoral candidate David Soknacki took issue with the mayor singling out councillors he wants defeated suggesting it shows a lack of respect for voters.

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Soknacki’s campaign manager, Brian Kelcey criticized the mayor for listing the councillors he wants defeated. Kelcey suggested the mayor’s inability to work with people of different political stripes is the reason why he can’t win any votes rather than Ford’s claim that councillors just want to “tax and spend.”

“The reason why the mayor is ineffective or a lame-duck right now is because he can’t get anything that he wants to get through council,” he said in an interview Tuesday. “A mayor who can’t play nicely with a working majority of councillors is nothing more than a very costly figurehead.”

Councillor Josh Matlow, one of the councillors on Ford’s list, refused to comment Tuesday saying he would be “very happy to discuss policy issues” but he’s “not doing Ford interviews.”

Ford Nation is the mayor’s third attempt at a soap-box. The first, The City radio show on Newstalk 1010, was cancelled at the height of his crack scandal in November. The second, Ford Nation on Sun News Network, was cancelled after one episode. 

The brothers release each episode of their show in segments ranging from three to six minutes with titles including “Let Them Eat Cake,” during which the brothers attacked councillors’ supposed sense of entitlement, to “The Pride Flag,” where the mayor defended wanting the flag removed from city hall.

A woman named “Mary” emailed in saying the mayor’s refusal to go to the Pride Parade and his demands the Pride flag be taken down from city hall make him appear homophobic.

“This is about the Olympics, this is about supporting our athletes, this is not about your sexual preference. I support our athletes, I support the people that train four years to go to Sochi in Russia and there’s no reason, no reason that I see that we should be putting up the pride flag during the Olympics,” he said. “This is about being patriotic to our country. I am not homophobic, I will go to anyone’s house, anyone’s place to help them out. I take offense when people say that to me.”

Ford had wanted a Canadian flag to fly above city hall during the duration of the Olympics, claiming it showed support for all athletes. The rainbow flag did not replace a Canadian flag but rather the city of Toronto flag which usually flies.  The flag pole in question is the city’s ceremonial flag pole which routinely flies flags at the request of city groups.

WATCH: Rob Ford says he’s not homophobic because he opposes raising pride flag at city hall

Doug Ford defended his brother and accused those who call them homophobic of being bullies.

“It’s just a bunch of bullying,” he said. “But don’t come back and try to bully the people that don’t show up and call them homophobic … Because there’s a tremendous amount of people that respect the gay community but just aren’t into going down to the Pride Parade, it’s as simple as that.”

The rainbow flag was raised at Queen’s Park Tuesday after all three parties voted on Feb. 10 to raise the flag. The permission to raise the flag wasn’t granted until Tuesday when the legislature resumed.

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