WATCH: Giant octopus tries to make off with scuba diver’s camera

Raw video courtesy of David Malvestuto/Warren Murray

An octopus at Bluefish Cove in Carmel, California apparently does not like the paparazzi.

La Jolla native David Malvestuto and his diving partner Warren Murray were shooting footage during a dive at Blue Fish Cove in Point Lobos state reserve earlier this month.

That’s when they came face-to-tentacle with a giant octopus.

According to the two divers, it’s rare to encounter such a octopus at the depths they were diving – and apparently, the curiosity was mutual.

As two men began to film the eight-armed creature, the octopus approached Malvestuto, then grabbed a hold of his camera and refused to let go.

An underwater tussle broke out as man and octopus wrestled for control of the camera.

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Eventually, the camera-shy octopus let go of the camera and swam away, but not before some amazing (and possibly a little frightening) footage was filmed.

In the video above, CBS News Eight’s Richard Allyn takes a look at what happened when a local diver started snapping pictures of the surly sea creature.

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