Saskatoon moves forward on drafting anti-bullying bylaw

Watch the video above: while the city is moving forward with drafting an anti-bullying bylaw, questions are being raised about implementation

SASKATOON – The City of Saskatoon is moving forward with drafting an anti-bullying bylaw.

The recommendation for the bylaw came from Ward 3 Councillor Ann Iwanchuk, who said it would address the grey area between bullying and the punishable crime of harassment.

Iwanchuk told Global News she has received support from many organizations supporting the bylaw.

“(Police) Chief Weighill did send a letter of support along to city council with the hope that it would help us to pass the recommendation to have a bylaw drafted,” Iwanchuk told the Morning News.

With a bylaw, police could enforce bullying legislation.

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“There will be a defined definition of bullying and that will be part of the bylaws,” Iwanchuk said.

One area that won’t be addressed is cyber-bullying.

“That is beyond the jurisdiction of the city to undertake and so the provision of the bylaw would not include that kind of an offence,” said City Solicitor Patricia Warwick.

The city would also like to include an education and awareness element to the bylaw where someone found to be bullying may have to take a special course.

Warwick was given the go-ahead to begin drafting the bylaw which will then go back to city council for consideration.