How to survive this weekend’s sports bonanza unscathed

WINNIPEG -The Winnipeg Jets, 2014 Safeway Men’s Provincial Curling Championship, Waste Management Phoenix Open 2014, and not to be forgotten — the Superbowl. Winnipeggers are in for a nine-hour super sports marathon this Sunday — and experts are warning people to be mindful if they plan on couch surfing and gorging the entire day.

Chiropractors say posture is crucial if you want to make it through Sunday unscathed. They also recommend moving around every 20 minutes and stretching periodically. Otherwise you could end up needing an adjustment on Monday.

“Every time the Jets score a goal which I hope they score lots of, but every time they score get up do a happy dance, do some yoga poses, anything to give you that mental cue to get up,” said Dr. Roop Sandhu, of LiveWell Chiropractor and Wellness Centre.

Snacks and sports also go hand-in-hand, especially for events like the Superbowl. If you consume a beer per hour over nine hours, then add in a serving of the classics: pizza, nachos, chicken wings, chili and a burger you could potentially consume almost 4500 calories that sitting, that’s double the recommended daily intake.

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Those who are planning eating copious amounts of food to try to include healthier choices, advise dietitians. And you may want to add some anti-acids.

“Everything in moderation,” said Chinwe Asagwara, a registered dietitian. “Those types of foods go hand in hand with those types of events. It’s about making better choices and still enjoying those types of foods in a healthy way.”