‘Seahawks are gonna soar’: Canucks fans reach out to Seattle team in tribute video

Clayton Imoo is used to donning his Vancouver Canucks jersey to cheer for his team, but yesterday he and two other friends traded their Canucks colours for a shade of neon green.

The trio made a video dedicated to Seattle Seahawks that will face Denver in the Super Bowl final in New Jersey this Sunday.

Their song, called “Soar,” is a parody of Katy Perry’s hit “Roar.”

Imoo says they wanted to give a shout-out to ‘Hawks fans who do not live in Seattle, but are still supporting the team.

“A lot of people here have always felt connected to the team,” he says. “They are a lot of neat personalities on the team, and those are the guys we mention in the video, like Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch. Those are the guys who have bigger than life personalities, and that is why we wanted to profile them in the song.”

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Imoo says he wrote the song in 15 minutes on Sunday morning, and singers —   Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao — did the rest of the work.

The video itself was shot and produced in one day.

“We wanted to lend our support to the team, and the only way we know how is – if I sit at the piano and these guys belt out the lyrics.”

He says what you hear is what you get. There is no dubbing or lip synching, just live sound that was recorded in one take.

“I think that’s what we are proud of, too,” says Imoo.

He says he picked Perry’s song because it is fun and catchy. “And when ‘Roar’ turned into ‘Soar,’ we just went from there.”

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The trio was going for the same laid-back look and feel that made their Canucks themed song “Under John Tortorella” a viral hit back in June.

Imoo produces Canucks fan videos several times a year.

He says he was pondering dedicating a video to Tortorella’s suspension. “But it is already halfway done, so that ship may have already sailed.”

Imoo says even though the team is up and down every year, there are always talking points and they are choosing to focus on the positive.

As far as the Super Bowl goes, Imoo’s prediction is that Seahawks will win by three.

“It is going to be Denver’s offence against Seattle’s defense in what may be really bad weather.”

The Super Bowl kicks off Sunday night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.