Recent collisions renew call for motorists to drive to conditions

WINNIPEG – CAA Manitoba is reminding motorists to drive safely when road conditions aren’t ideal and to move over when passing tow trucks or emergency vehicles.

The advisory comes after one of the drivers’ association’s own workers was injured Monday while on the job.

Jeff Laufer dropped off a member on Sherbrook Street Monday and then pulled over to see where his next call was. That’s when a vehicle clipped the side of his truck, shattering the side-view mirror and injuring his hand, which was resting in the open window.

Laufer said he’s had two close calls during the year he’s been working for CAA Manitoba.

“It happens a lot. People just need to learn to slow down, not be in such a rush, ’cause this is what happens — people get hurt. People die out there.”

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“Thankfully our driver wasn’t badly hurt and is trained to be cautious while working on the side of the road,” said CAA’s Liz Peters. “But not everyone is as aware.”

In another crash, a front-end loader was hit by a van that lost control after it drove into a curb on McGillivray Boulevard near Kenaston Boulevard. The collision was caught by a dash cam in the front-end loader and has since gone viral. Near the end of the video, the user zooms in on what appears to be a cellphone in the driver’s hand.


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