1D singer Liam Payne defends his public support of ‘Duck Dynasty’

Liam Payne, pictured in Toronto in May 2012. John R. Kennedy / Global News

TORONTO — Liam Payne of the UK pop band One Direction lashed out at the media on Sunday for making a big deal about a message he tweeted to Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson.

“I can’t do anything without being judged,” Payne tweeted. “U try that and write about it.”

He added: “I’m sick of stupid stories it’s time you all grow up. And write about things that actually matter not what im gunna have for diner tomorrow or who I’m a fan [of].”

(Global News has not corrected any of the spelling or grammatical errors in Payne’s tweets.)

The brouhaha began Saturday when Payne tweeted to Robertson: “huge love to you/your family huge respect for your business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. big fan.”

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Many people interpreted the tweet as Payne’s endorsement of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s controversial comments about homosexuality. (Robertson has also said men should marry girls as young as 15.)

Under fire by media outlets around the world, Payne defended himself on Twitter. “Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together doesnt mean i am ok with all they say,” he explained.

“People can love who they want, it’s none of my business.”

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Payne even responded directly to other social media users. “i just like the show and i love when families stick together, i havent said i agree with all that theyve ever said,” he tweeted to one.

As time went on, Payne appeared to grow more frustrated by the criticism. “Oh my god can someone literally not be a fan if a show without [being] labeled,” he tweeted. “What I gotta do to please you bastards I’m a 20 year old just living life as you did when u where twenty but in extraordinary circumstances.”

Payne took aim at the media: “I just watched a show and I liked it as most people do stop sitting in my twitter and do your research #lazyjournos

“Pick ur balls up off the floor and get on with it instead of taking advantage of every word said and twisting it for your own gain.”

The singer vowed to stay off Twitter until “the freedom of speech law is back.”

It was a rough week for the 20-year-old pop star. He also came under fire for standing on the edge of a London high-rise to pose for a photo that was posted online by a friend.

Payne responded to the criticism on Twitter. “It was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. I am sorry, and do not endorse any fans trying to repeat this, as it is extremely dangerous.”

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